I appreciate Marsie’s kind words about me. I am blessed and grateful to have
the opportunity to support her and others in achieving dreams and goals. 🙂
– David Bryant​ “Mr. Support Friend!”


Over the past few months I’ve been goin on a personal self development journey and it’s been amazing and beautiful to dig deep and have good dialogue and coaching sessions with someone I’ve never met, but day 1 when we had a consultation call we connected and that vibe was immediate and impactful. I just knew this was the right individual to connect with, SELF invest to SELF develop. Helped me break out my comfort zone and being content, get myself to have confidence and believe within me and fight self-doubt and the chatter in my head and see greatness and potential.

Thank you David Bryant for being my life coach these past 4 months or so, our sessions have been AMAZING and Inspiring!!! This has excited me and went along with other personal things I’ve been workin’ on and definitely mindset goin into 2020. To me that’s a new chapter, new year and new decade. I been knowing I wanna do something and new in 2020 so I’m ready and excited for what 2020 has in store.


Tobias is one of my favorite Support Friends. I am blessed and grateful to have
the opportunity to support him and others in achieving dreams and goals. 🙂
– David Bryant​ “Mr. Support Friend!”




David Bryant… “Mr. Support Friend!”

A brilliant sole of shining light and one of my dearest friends. We have worked together on different projects and I have not seen many people in my life as dedicated as David 🙂

David is a special soul who has created his mission to be that of helping support others to manifest their desires…. He is the Mother Teresa of men and always gives you a spiritual vitamin boost of get-up-and-BAM!!!

His heart is wide open and he has an ocean of loving vibrations to fill you up when your spirit is dampened by the winds of life…. he will lift your heart to the mountain peaks of love!

He is very spiritual in nature and has a wealth of knowledge in the personal development, wellness, financial empowerment and arts and entertainment related fields. All you have to do is reach out and ask.

From coaching & empowerment to emotional apple pie & ice-cream… David has a remedy for you to balance your success. Always there when you need him… never more than a phone call, email, IM, webinar away…. His light shines endlessly through the night!!!

Simply put… Don’t leave home without him!

“Sunny D”… he puts the vit “D” in sunshine…. love you always….

~ Raine 🙂



Dear David,

I am happy to contribute a letter to your website! You have always been a selfless person, looking for ways to support people in their business ventures, when facing health challenges and in their personal lives. I’ve considered you a true friend since we got to know each other as kids 35 years ago. I’ve seen you at high and low times and you’ve always remained the same caring person! Our Families have interacted to support each other’s health concerns as you and I have battled with serious set backs, and you have continued to view these ailments as opportunities to grow instead of fall into self pity.

You have a keen business mind, and great creative talents! Back in the day when we were writing songs for Sister Sledge (and others), I admired your sense of what could work commercially. Your years of exploring meditation, Chinese medicine and energetic medical modalities, has given you a great base to judge the effectiveness of the product lines you’ve shared with all of us.

The best type of friend is someone who does not judge you but instead accepts you as you are and are not. As we all grow and learn, your ethical way of living your life will continue to serve us as we strive to make this a better world!

Wishing you love and success with all of your ventures!

Lorelei McBroom
Singer Songwriter



DAVID…… Mr. Support Friend

I was online when I met David, I had him in my top friends list for so long and I didn’t even know him. One of the reasons I remember having him there was his infectious smile and the positive energy that emanated from his picture. Upon writing him an email one evening, to my greatest surprise, David wrote back immediately and gave me his phone number so we could chat. That was May of 2006, as I write this March 13, 2007 He has become one of my closest and dearest friends and not to mention one of my mentors. In speaking with David and getting to know him and what Mr. Support Friend was all about, I was impressed and humbled at his honesty, integrity, intellect, personal development skills, his knowledge of marketing, his intuition, his gentle nature, his no ego spirit, but what impressed me most of all, HIS HEART!!!

David is a rare find and a truly one of a kind guy. His support, friendship and encouragement mean so much to not only me, but the countless others he has inspired and blessed by his spirit over the years.

David’s broad based knowledge in so many areas makes him an incredible asset to anyone that aligns themselves with him. His intentions are always from the heart and his words of wisdom come from the depth of his soul. I often wonder if David will be the next great philosopher of the 21st century.

If you have a chance to connect with David, all I can say is that’s the smartest thing you have ever done in your life. He has helped people in all areas of life including, music, health and wellness, life coaching and personal development. I highly recommend you get yourself connected and aligned with one of the brightest stars in the universe, David, Mr. Support Friend.

I am grateful and humbled to know you, but I am honored to be able to call you my Friend!

Be blessed always by God and Love,
Allie Cheslick



David, although I’ve only known you for a short period of time in comparison to others, I thank God for allowing our paths to cross. You are my benchmark of someone who’s passionate participation and natural talent to help others has inspired so many to make a decision to never give up. You are a magnificent example of how and what one can do to overcome life’s challenges and achieve a full, happy, healthy and productive life.

During the times we’ve talked on the telephone or interacted with one another electronically, I’m often left with admiration of your initiatives that illustrate your desire and commitment to support others in their endeavors. Then, you further extend yourself to connect people with similar initiatives and endeavors to collaborate. Such a selfless person.

You have truly been a blessing in my life. Your spoken words of encouragement, actionable gestures of support, and profound messages of wisdom have inspired me to continuously seek new ways of fulfilling my mission.

David, you have truly made a difference in my life….

Bridgette L. Collins
Author & Fitness Coach



Hi! My name is Melanie. David’s friendship came into my life at a very significant time, when I was going through some personal struggles and was in need of guidance and support. We developed a great friendship and being the positive person he is, David turned out to play a HUGE role in me getting my life on track and being able to heal a lot from past experiences. He’s been like a big brother to me and for his friendship I am eternally grateful. David helped me believe in myself and gave me good council that I needed. I trusted him because I knew he was about truth and his intentions were good. I knew Dave when he was still struggling with some past health challenges. He has overcome so much and done his best to remain positive and be a light in the lives of others. Now, with his health back in tact, he is able to bring the world the best Mr. Support Friend there is, as he continues to fulfill one of the many missions God has for him here on this earth. Being a true friend and serving others is just something that comes natural to David…

Forever Grateful, Mel



In July 2013 I had a talk with David about people I have connected with. He said “there are dream takers and dream makers.” This is so true. The friend who told you that you weren’t pretty enough. The teacher who suggested that you weren’t smart enough. The parent who steered you away from your dreams in order to live out theirs vicariously through you. Surround yourself with people who you will benefit from. The ones that see in you what you may or may not see within yourself. Friends that will push you towards your dreams, your goals and your purposes. Also, make sure too they are reciprocating the same encouragement back. That is crucial! These are the types of friendships to hold onto.




They say, “First impressions last a lifetime.” The first time I met David Bryant was fifteen years ago at an event in the Hollywood Hills. We only spoke briefly for about thirty seconds, but the impact was such that I mentally filed away his face and name. Years later, amidst a transition into the field of songwriting, I decided to track David down in search of advice.

The impulse to make contact was invaluable. I cannot say enough about DB. His credentials speak for themselves; they evidence a highly accomplished, consummate professional. However, David is also generous with his knowledge, honest in his opinion, and gracious with his critique. His aim is to support not a mere career, but a life on the whole. He is a diamond in the rough, both in the field of entertainment, and in life. Thank you David!

Tim E. Swire



David Bryant is one of those rare gems we hope to find in life. He strives to live with integrity and come from a place of good intentions. He’s very intelligent with deep thoughts and a deeper heart. His love for helping others to create the life of their dreams are endless. I love that he’s so talented in many areas of life and that he’s a great songwriter with soul as well. Know that when you have David as a friend and guide in life that you will be treated with the utmost respect and he’ll do whatever he can to help elevate you to the next level. Thank you David for being you… I know the world is a better place because of you!
Keep Shining!

Imelda Arcilla
Intuitive & Soul Strategist




I could never come close to expressing the gratitude and love that Deb and I both feel. You saved my life and never ever hesitated to come to my aid when I needed a friend or confidant. You Sir, are a man among men.

Eternally Grateful,
Jeff & Deb



David is one of the rare people I’ve come across with so much compassion, integrity, positivity, and a genuine desire to be there for the world all the time with a life long dedication. He’s knowledgeable and dedicated to everything he approaches. In my work with David I’ve been impressed over and over again with his willingness to look at himself as he approached new areas of thought. He is simply awesome!

Gina Briganti, Basc, RMT
Holistic Health Consultant



David was sent to me when I most needed him. He was there for me when I didn’t know what to do with myself. He helped me through a difficult time and I am so grateful to have him in my life. He is a shining star 🙂 I value and appreciate our friendship.




Having met David through my work as a Numerologist, I knew at first glance at his numbers that he was extraordinary. Subsequent conversations with David only served to confirm what I already knew. I do not use the term “Mastery” often but I genuinely feel David has mastered unconditional love and compassion for his fellow human beings and his intentions are pure and come from the right place. In this day and age, such a person is a rarity. Add to that tremendous ability to love, an eternal fountain of wisdom and you begin to touch upon his talents.

Alison Baughman



David Bryant, in my opinion, is one of Earth’s most prized gems. Everything that David does for the better of humanity is done with the purest form of good intention. He cares about life and those around him. He touches those he meets, including me, right to the core with his positive energy. I am proud to call David Bryant a friend and confidant.

Stacy Lupinacci
Bay Area, Ca
Host of “The Positive Side”
Reiki 2 Practitioner



David is a ray of sunshine. If you’re feeling down, had some negativity from others, or just having a bad day, one minute of David’s energy, and your whole spirit changes to feelings of love and happiness.

After speaking to David, you realize how many great positive people and opportunities await you on your journey. David understands your emotions, why you have those feelings, and he knows how to help you reach your goals. David is Mr. Support Friend, if you need any kind of support, David is the friend to turn to! David is a genius, a true master of how to bring into your life all the things that you desire! I strongly recommend you to have a session with David as often as you are able because I know from experience that true prosperity on every level will then enter your life. Thank you David! We are all blessed to have a friend like you!





You are such a wonderful and special part of my life. I remember the first time I met you, weeks later we sat and had the long conversation. I knew then that you were sincere, honest and a good listener. I am truly honored to be your friend, thanks for letting me be a part of your community and for bringing wonderful things into my home and my life.

Love and Hugs Always,
Tammy 🙂



What can I say about David, except that he is one of the most positive, intelligent, talented and caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! He truly puts his heart and soul into helping others achieve their goals; be it music, health, or all around quality of living. He loves people, and it shows!

On a personal level, David has supported me through my wellness program and changing journeys, and I value and treasure our friendship. I have seen him go above and beyond the support and encourage others, and he is truly making a difference….. one life at a time 🙂

God bless you David, and keep shining!

Love, Deb